Core members of the Bay Localize, Rooted in Resilience, and Local Clean Energy Alliance crew, reuniting at our Celebrating Resilience sendoff gathering at the PLACE for Sustainable Living in July 2019.

Welcome to the legacy website for Bay Localize and Rooted in Resilience! Founded in 2006, this small, but mighty group of local advocates helped catalyze a movement for more equitable, resilient communities throughout the Bay Area and beyond. The organization was instrumental in launching powerful, cross-sector collaboratives and initiatives, including the Campaign for Bay Area Localization, the Rooftop Resources Project, Local Clean Energy Alliance, and the Resilient Communities Initiative, among others.

With a vision of empowering communities to assume local control over vital resources to ensure fair housing, meaningful work, quality food, clean air, water, and energy for all, Bay Localize / Rooted in Resilience played a leading role as movement convener, project initiator, and campaign coordinator until it wound down operations in early 2019. This website is designed to tell Our Story of our vision and work, honor the many Partners and Allies who played central roles along the way, and provide access to our enduring Tools and Resources to help you and your community become more just and resilient in the face of growing climate, energy, and economic challenges.

Thank you for all the years of love, connection, and action!

– The Bay Localize / Rooted in Resilience Steering Committee*

* Please see below for an historic roster of our Co-Founders, prior Steering Committee members, core staff and interns/fellows who made it all happen over the years!

Key Tools for Action

Use Your Roof Guidebook

Community Resilience Toolkit

Map Your Future Toolkit


Aaron Lehmer-Chang

Dave Room

Kirsten Andrews-Schwind

Ingrid Severson-Tondre

Allyse Heartwell

Brian Holland

Aaron Lehmer-Chang

Steering Committee Members & Core Staff

Nile Malloy

Rosa Gonzalez

Colin Miller

Corrine Van Hook-Turner

Linda Currie

Joana Cruz

Al Weinrub

Shreya Shankar

Phoenix Armenta

Brandi Mack

Nahal Ghoghaie Ipakchi

Jessica Tovar

Sylvie Heiman
Adam Bad Wound

Ingrid Jacobson

Carla Mays

Tressa Berman

Grace Chuang

Interns and Fellows

Leah FessendenJenni AbdullahMelody MoMareesa Valentine
Brenna YoungKay CuajuncoTad VeltropBeverly Pitzer
Maya DonelsonMayoor SteinbergRachel OrtegaShelly Woo
Eva FarahJan Cox GolovichMaiha McGeeRebecca Eiseman
Bianca TaylorSasha GoodallSarah IsbitzClaudia Abbott-Barish
Graham LierleyFrancesca FranciaAshley WeissMalik Hogan
Pa DweJesús Cruz