Tools & Resources

Building a Resilient & Equitable Bay Area
In 2006, Bay Localize, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, the International Forum on Globalization, Post Carbon Institute and Redefining Progress released a policy report entitled Building a Resilient and Equitable Bay Area. This groundbreaking report assessed the potential for economic localization in key sectors like energy, food, transportation, housing, manufacturing, and finance, and makes the case that bringing the production of vital goods and services closer to home is more environmentally and economically sustainable than fossil fueled corporate globalization.

Tapping the Potential of Urban Rooftops
Food, water, and energy can be harnessed from rooftops on existing buildings, often without structural improvements. Building owners can install rooftop technologies that improve water quality, save energy, grow fresh produce, generate clean electricity and contribute to regional sustainability. In 2007, Bay Localize partnered with Holmes Culley, and Design, Community & Environment to publish Tapping the Potential of Urban Rooftops, which assesses the feasibility of various rooftop systems and their productive potential, and features innovative designs for any building.

Use Your Roof Guidebook
By growing food, capturing rainwater and generating solar power on our rooftops, we can bring greater ecological balance and local resilience to our region. Through creative design strategies, we can deploy rooftop systems to take full advantage of new and existing buildings to help meet our local food, energy, and water needs. Published in 2008, Bay Localize’s Use Your Roof Guidebook offers resources and step-by-step strategies for turning your roof into a source of abundance and community resilience.

Community Resilience Toolkit
In 2009, Bay Localize released the Community Resilience Toolkit, offering a comprehensive vision of what resilient communities can look like and a powerful set of tools to achieve it. The Toolkit offers discussion questions, fact sheets, and innovative models to build resilience in a wide range of sectors, including energy, food, water, housing, transportation, and public services. The Toolkit quickly caught on, with thousands of educators and organizers downloading it throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in over 40 states, and nearly two dozen countries.

Scraps to Soil! Composting Guide
After implementing a new composting program at Laney College in Oakland, Bay Localize released Scraps to Soil, designed to assist high school and college campus students and faculty in launching their own composting programs. The guide offers step-by-step suggestions and ideas for starting, evaluating, and improving your program, along with selected resources for further assistance.

Map Your Future Toolkit
The future of your community is in your hands. In 2015, Bay Localize and other local partners published the Map Your Future Toolkit to help groups create a vision for how they want their neighborhood to be, and how to make that vision a reality. It provides the information needed for community groups to develop effective proposals to build local resilience.